Join Our Affiliate Program

The Program

Join one of the fastest growing women's fashion online retailer. went from simple to a global empire, with state of the art, world class website design and functionality and with affordable price tags, we've built a online shopping experience like no other! Targeted at girls 16-35 & ship to over 42 countries Rivalgirl has a global presence and shows no signs of slowing down. Do you own a website, blog, or have a great social media presence? Then we'd love you to join our Rivalgirl affiliate program and start earning some cash today!

Here's How It Works

For every sale you generate we pay a commission on any validated sale excluding any delivery fee's or taxes. The commission rates might vary from collection to collection but usually commission rates are between 7% - 10% on each sale you generate.

We use reliable tracking and can accurately track and see where the sale came from for example, if someone clicks a link on your website or blog and gets sent to our website which then the customer purchases, we pay you a commission based on the value of that sale. Commissions are payed to your account within 7 - 8 weeks after the sale.

We are a global site which means we sell to most countries including AU, US, UK, CA, NZ and many more! This means you are not limited to one country and can promote your affiliate links and products to a global audience. So wherever in the world you are located there's no reason not to get involved in our program!

The Creative Stuff

When you sign up for our program you'll get access to heaps of creatives including over 30 banners to choose from, discount codes and much more! So what are you waiting for! Let's do it!