Ways To Dress The Tennis Skirt

Ways To Dress The Tennis Skirt

It’s been a hot minute since I’ve had a trend obsession and for someone who loves nostalgic value and clothing for comfort needs (no, not sweatpants) there’s been another 90’s revival to hit the pavement and might I politely say - it’s the micro trend you gotta have. We’re talking about the tennis skirt, the pleated tennis mini or the sporty-chic set of the moment to get in on with the action whether you lounge about in the house or as another alternative to straight up replace sweats now the weather will start to become warm. As fashion keeps stealing retro-prep looks from the nighties, it was about time that the tennis skirt made it’s way to our love for athleisurewear as well - and let’s face it! There's just something about an all-white court chić outfit that feels so damn cute and ready to serve.

The tennis skirt gives off that preppy vibe - yep! I went to private school AND played tennis as my sport, so dabbling back into this trend takes me back to simpler times and perhaps a nod to my 90’s pop culture queen Cher Horowitz with an outfit she would approve. It’s the summer-appropriate thing to wear to elevate your at-home looks. The style, the cropped knitted spring cardigans and the ‘whatever’ attitude while holding up the “W” sign above our heads. You know what I’m talking about. On that note, the tennis skirt will always be a hit for me and if you wanna roll with it too, keep reading to see ways to dress the tennis skirt if you’re feeling partial to it’s many myriad options to stylishly wear it... even if you’ve never swung a racket in your whole life.

Tennis Skirt Outfits

Tennis-Inspired Pleated Mini Skirt

You’re probably asking yourself this question, how did the tennis skirt come to be and unless you’re a fully pledge gen Z, it’s quite likely that you’re already feeling a touch of déjà vu of it’s revival! I know (where’s our senior discount.) But for those of you out there interested in finding out ways to dress the tennis skirt where you might not be confident enough to pull it off, fear not, because it’s much easier than expected to serving up some major nostalgia. The biker shorts were ambiguous last season but to analyze a few ideas, when it comes to a tennis-inspired pleated mini skirt, you can go for a retro-chić vibe and pair them with any sporty tops, basic tanks or crop tops and you're guaranteed to pull a look together with no effort. When these tennis-inspired little mini skirts are easily the most thing we're seeing right now, causing a ripple effect on the 'gram - how about keeping them modern by wearing an asymmetrical top for an everyday outfit. Just finish off your tennis-inspired look with a pair of cool kicks. Let's go!

Vintage Pleated Tennis Skirt

Styling A Tennis Mini Skirt Sporty Chic

If you like the idea of styling a tennis mini skirt with something a little bit more formal - try wearing a tennis skirt with button down and long sleeve tops or collared shirts for a sport luxe vibe. Whether you’re inspired by vintage athletic-wear that's winning over fashion girls right now or want to wear a tennis mini that still looks fun and sophisticated, these are just a few different ways to dress the mini skirt that’ll make it work for your style. Don’t sweat it, girl. You can wear a polo top, muscle tee or graphic tee that will still shout 'off duty.' Just bring it to an elevated twist by styling a tennis skirt sporty chic by layering other elements into the mix. We're talking brighter chunky sneakers or accessorizing with vintage shades for that sporty chić vibe like we're ready to go to the Hamptons. On the bolder side, you can opt for a pastel tank or for the more laid-back occasions, a bikini top or your not-so-average bra silhouette with seriously cool details and luxurious fabrics. This will have you embracing the new fashion set where you don’t need to be a tennis pro to pull off the look.

Pleated Tennis Skirt Outfits

Tennis Skirt Outfits

We’ve seen a lot of tennis skirts being worn for more casual #lewks - but surprise! You can always switch it up from playtime to showtime. To really accentuate the silhouette of a tennis skirt with your outfits, pair ‘em with sleek bodysuits or corset tops to keep it fitted, fun and dressed up with a pair of mule heels ready for a special occasion. Like the true queen bee of sorority girls, reach out to your more flashy pieces of gold jewelry to finish off the look! Of course, you gotta get equipped. Level up your tennis skirt outfits and dress the mini skirt in a sexy way by layering cozy jackets and blazers to revamp your fresh threads. To take your tennis skirt outfits to the realms of high fashion, it doesn’t have to be in an all Wimbledon colour white. There are a ton of covetable versions of the pleated tennis mini skirt in checkers, pastel colours or even cute button details on the side to still make it feminine if you want to get in on the sporty trend that's huge right now. Take it from court to streets, no actual tennis playing necessary. 

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